The Town of Middleton has undertaken a process whereby a community evaluates its historic and present-day assets, and imagines how and where it should grow in order to leave a legacy for the next generation.


In 2028...


Middleton will be a flourishing community offering residents a high quality of life through its many unique assets - distinctive history, attractive residential neighborhoods, its central location and access to the North Shore and to Boston, a growing business mix, a network of beautiful open space, community supported agriculture, and community pride.
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Our Vision

Through this Master Plan process and ongoing community endeavors, this vision of Middleton in 2028 is one of an informed, engaged and productive community, with a shared vision and commitment to achieving a prosperous and sustainable future.

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If you are a Middleton resident or thinking about residing in this beautiful town, GET INVOLVED! We want to hear your voice and your input. Be a part of creating the future.

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