Here is how it all works...

During the course of the Middleton 300 process, residents of all ages, business owners, elected and appointed representatives, and others will be invited to weigh in on important issues facing our great town.

Once as much input as possible is gathered from as many sources as possible, the Master Plan Committee with assistance from MAPC will synthesize all findings, then develop a set of draft goals, strategies and actions for each element, and develop an implementation strategy for each. Once the draft plan elements are all complete, the full document will be released for public comment. Presentations and discussions will occur with residents and interested parties to solicit feedback (including public forum).

Meetings with appointed and elected boards of Middleton will also be held to solicit feedback and guidance. Finally, after considerable input, the plan will be finalized and approved by the Planning Board. Once approved, Middleton 300 will serve as the guiding planning document for the Town of Middleton over the next 10 years.


MAPC and its Role

The Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) is under contract with the Town of Middleton to undertake the master planning process. MAPC is the Regional Planning Agency for the 101 cities and towns that make up Greater Boston. The agency’s charge is to use planning to improve Metro Boston’s livability, its prosperity, safety, health, equity, and distinctive character. To that end, MAPC assists its municipalities with planning projects; provides them with opportunities to save money with group purchasing; and acts as a regional think-tank, offering data, analysis, advocacy, and regional collaboration.