Where do we go from here?

Write out the most important things the town needs to do to move forward. Tell us what a 2028 headline about Middleton should say? What kind of legacy projects would you like to see the town leave the next generation of Middleton residents?

Middleton has an opportunity to make growth occur in a responsible way that benefits all residents, poor and wealthy, young and old. We need to update our sprawl – including zoning and building practices, and protect the town’s finances, let’s embrace families, multigenerational living, and people of different SES (social-economic status). Diversity makes us better and stronger. Let’s make it a town people want to come to for reasons OTHER than the schools.
— Anonymous

"The efficiency and safety of 114 through downtown needs to be looked at. By connecting Rt. 60 through the parcel that the city hall sits on, it would remove passage of cars occupying this short strip on 114. Most of the cars in this area are commuters passing through trying to get home from work. Pedestrians would be crazy to try and cross during rush hour." - Anonymous


"People are the foundation of community. The type of and location of housing development is crucial to bringing the right type of residents to Middleton. I would love to see mixed-use community center pop-up creating a live-work-eat feeling. I also fully support developing a senior center combined with recreational park." - Anonymous

  • Zone smaller lots for smaller homes
  • Senior Center to keep the elderly in town
  • Retail and restaurant space
  • Fix the fields we have for the kids behind Fuller Meadow, Howe Manning and Rubchinuck Park.
  • Development of downtown area into more dynamic attractive center of activities
  • Improve sidewalk situation
  • Study and hopefully improve downtown traffic situation
  • Public safety (Fire/police) facility
  • Housing for senior citizens
  • Senior centers
  • New public safety buildings
  • Walking trails
  • More conservation land, more trails (highlight natural resource)
  • Limiting development (industrial and residential)

"Sidewalks have been an issue for years. We are supposed to have a sidewalk fund. We should be building sidewalks now to major roads such as Essex St, Forest St, Maple St, River St, Liberty St, etc. Also, this town does not have the infrastructure to handle any form of cluster housing or more business. Our roads are already incredibly crowded and growth is town administrator to handle these proposals prevent a huge cost. We should have done this process 20 years ago. Doing it now will not bring any benefit to the town." - Anonymous

A carefully planned approach to implement in a way to keep taxes reasonable, I believe if you involve all levels of residents to build a compromising feeling of everyone wins… young, middle-aged, and seniors. Longtime residents have always supported many issues, great police, fire and schools. A good faith issue would be a new senior center facility with an inclusive plan going forward for fire, recreation, police, etc.
— Anonymous
There are many new/young families in Middleton. Why do we not have ONE central location for sports/fitness/outdoor activities? We are still lacking any logical/decent sports fields. Why are we not investing in a turf? We are literally one of about 3 communities on the North Shore who doesn’t have turf. We rent from all of the communities around us – such a foolish waste of money. We should build and rent to other towns! When our children get to Masco they will be light years behind their peers in Boxford who play on turf all year and our kids fall behind in skills.

Can we create a multipurpose space? Fields, track, Dog Park, somewhere for the elderly to exercise? Make a place where the town people can go to connect to each other. What about putting the senior center at Masco High School? We could split the costs with Boxford and Topsfield and students/elderly could benefit from this type of connection.
— Anonymous

People are the foundation of community. The type of and location of housing development is crucial to bringing the right type of residents to Middleton. I would love to see mixed-use community center pop-up creating a live-work-eat feeling. I also fully support developing a senior center combined with recreational park.
— Anonymous
A small town community that cares for ill neighbors and takes care of the natural resources in our town. (open space, conservation, etc)
— Anonymous

“Middleton – A place for families.”
Currently, the town falls short of that description. My priorities include more recreational areas and playgrounds, and walkable areas. The small playground behind town hall is inadequate and easily overheats. There are no facilities. The school playgrounds, while nice, are off-limits most of the year so I don’t even count them. The community needs more places to gather and socialize. Thank you for listening!
— Anonymous

"An improved fire, police building(s) to accommodate town’s growing size. The municipal buildings are in dire need of enhancements to support the growing town. Also, common downtown space for congregation accommodating events such as Winter Festival would be ideal and to further create a community space bringing neighbors together."

  • Housing for senior citizens
  • Senior centers
  • Less Restrictive zoning restrictions and usage zoning - bring in more money for the town
  • New public safety buildings
  • Walking trails

  • Need to look at tax rate and add necessary improvement without making it so hard to live in town ($)
  • -PD/FS/CH complex in center of town
  • Keep conservation lands and H2O
  • Slow home growth because you don’t have infrastructure to support it
  • Draw in more businesses – lease transfer station, open area to new manufacturing or warehousing companies
  • Smooth out traffic throughout central Middleton
  • Add a dog park
  • Improve public facilities to support the large amount of growth
    • Town hall, senior center, police station, fire station, community center/rec center
  • Control development growth to boost/encourage commercial/industrial business’ to boost tax revenues
  • Continue to excel in educational excellence by having top schools in our area
  • Improve sidewalk system for safer walking to town center (Forest St. area) to 114 and down 114.

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