Visioning Open House Recap

On January 9, 2017 MAPC and the committee hosted a Visioning Open House from 6-9pm at the Flint Library located on 1 South Main St. There were approximately 60 people who attended the event to hear about the town's history, the master planning process and provide their own vision for the future of Middleton. The event consisted of interactive stations where residents identified cultural assets, community challenges and also had an opportunity to fill our the master plan survey.

At the event, attendees were asked to participate in a "Dot exercise," where they had to visually represent where they live, where they work, and how they usually commute to work. Event participants live all over Middleton and many indicated they work in town. Most people commute by car to work though many work from home. 

There was also a station set up called "Assets, Challenges, Opportunities/Legacy," that prompt attendees to voice what they like best about Middleton (greatest assets), what they think is missing in the community (greatest challenges), what they think would most improve quality of life. (opportunities/legacy)

Some greatest opportunity legacy feedback...

  • Rail trail
  • More of a "downtown" or town center area for shopping/services. Mixed with housing
  • Old town hall being preserved
  • More sidewalks for walkers and bikers.

Some greatest assets feedback...

  • Country atmosphere
  • Belonging
  • Schools
  • Small town but lots to offer

Some greatest challenges feedback...

  • A real town square for gathering and events
  • nothing "vibrant" about Middleton, no draw for outsiders, other than ice cream.
  • Developments without infrastructure (e.g. sidewalks, local shopping)
  • Real youth/teen recreation, such as YMCA.