What is Middleton 300?

Middleton 300 is a comprehensive master plan being developed by the Town of Middleton with the support of the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) and under the direction of the Middleton Town Planner, Planning Board, and the Planning Committee. This Master Plan is a vision of how Middleton residents want the community to look as the town celebrate its 300th birthday in 2028.


In 2028...

This vision is what will help set the tone for the rest of the "Master Plan 300."

Middleton's rich farming history and its diverse open space, and trails network draw residents and visitors to it. Residential neighborhoods offer a welcoming, safe and enriching environment with a variety of housing options - market rate and affordable - for families, seniors and young adults.

Redevelopment in the town center area has created a series of small village centers with shops and residences in a walkable environment attractive to young and old residents alike. Sidewalks, thru streets and bike trails link the residential neighborhoods to school and recreation areas and appropriately scaled mixed use retail, residential and office space attracts much needed business, jobs and increased consumer spending to town.

Middleton's continued participation is state-of-the art local and regional public education and up-to-date town facilities continue to attract families, but also provide excellent services and recreational options for residents of all ages. Effective Town management, improved transportation connections, and strategic partnerships with our neighboring communities have unlocked community and economic opportunities allowing all to share in the success of Middleton and the surrounding region. Finally, a connected system of well maintained parks, open spaces, and recreation areas with strong pedestrian and bicycle amenities further contributes to Middleton's high quality of life by improving residents' overall health and making the community among the "greenest" on the North Shore.

Click here to view an online copy of the Visioning Plan.