What is a Master Plan?

A master plan is a strategic framework that guides the future physical and economic development of a town or city based on the community vision and goals. Developing a master plan is more than just researching and writing a report.

It is an open, public process through which the people of Middleton will decide future priorities to guide growth and development over the next decade. It’s a process through which town residents and business owners, and Town boards and committees, will talk to each other, listen to each other, and bring their visions for the town into alignment to achieve a set of shared goals.


The town of Middleton

Master planning for a community like the one the Town of Middleton has undertaken is a process whereby a community evaluates its historic and present-day assets, and imagines how and where it should grow in order to leave a legacy for the next generation. The vision statement the Town initially developed will help its residents and business owners identify overarching priorities for the preservation, enhancement, and growth of different areas, and sets the tone for a wider array of more specific master plan elements and goals. 

When completed it will include these elements:

  1. Middleton Today
  2. Housing
  3. Historic and Cultural
  4. Open Space
  5. Public Facilities and Services
  6. Public Health
  7. Transportation and Circulation
  8. Economic Development
  9. Land Use and Zoning